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Meal Plan #4 – October 17th – 23rd 2016

Earlier than usual, but I already finished next week’s meal plan, mostly because we already did next week’s shopping today (great feeling to be prepared!). Again, some things from the pantry, fridge and freezer need to be used. We’re slowly … Continue reading

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10 American foods you’ll never find in our house 

Being in the US for almost 3 months now, visiting regularly for over a year before I moved out, I had my fair share of American food culture and overall, I love it.  Several dishes, like shrimp and grits, biscuits … Continue reading

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Pie “Birne Helene” – pear and chocolate cream pie recipe 

One of my favorite desserts is a simple “Birne Helene”, sautéed pear with chocolate sauce, often accompanied with vanilla ice cream. When I found beautiful Bartlett pears on sale I planned on making this dessert, but then thought- why not … Continue reading

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Meal plan #3 – October 10th – 16th 2016

Our pantry, freezer and fridge are well stocked, so this week’s meal plan again uses up what we have. The only thing we still have to buy are sausages, the rest is all from the fridge/freezer/pantry.   After our second … Continue reading

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My 3 must have natural oils for skincare 

If you need it – Nature has it! My skin is a hydra: if I address one of my many skin problems two new ones appear. Treating my acne results in dry spots. Treating the first fine lines (boooh!) results … Continue reading

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Confession: I have NO MONEY – what I learned from living without a cent in my pocket

I confess: I don’t have a single cent of my own. My wallet is empty, I don’t have a bank account, and no secret cash stash hidden anywhere. How so? And how do I still get along? When I moved … Continue reading

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Spiced apple jelly & canned apple pie filling – two in one recipe

One of my biggest pet peeves are recipes for canning that leave you with jars of beautiful preserve and – lots of “garbage”.Whenever I read “peel, discard peels” or “strain, discard pulp” I think: “Wait a minute, that is good … Continue reading

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