Eat breakfast like a king

… lunch like a peasant and dinner like a beggar.

This old German saying holds at least a little truth: Breakfast is an important meal of the day! 
Now looks who’s talking – the “I only need coffee with cream for breakfast” girl who doesn’t eat in the morning but then eats triple as much in the evening.

But! It’s time to change that up a little. I did not eat particularly well and healthy over the last weeks and while I am one of the blessed ones who doesn’t gain weight too easily I see other very unfortunate changes in my body when I don’t eat well:

  • My skin looks hooooorrible. Christ on a bike! I look like back when I was in the middle of puberty and my face surprised me with at least five new pimples every day. I have my beloveth skincare routine with my self made products but they can’t work miracles from the outside when I don’t support skin health from the inside.
  • I am a sluggish slug. It takes me forever to get going in the morning and I could take my first of eight naps I crave around 10am. There are so many things I have and want to do, but a lot of my time is wasted with sitting around because I can’t get my butt off the couch. 
  • I won’t go into too much details, but my gut health could use some attention too! Gut health is important for overall well-being and the symptoms of an unbalanced gut microbiom are often overlooked or contributed to something else.
  • As I already mentioned, when I don’t eat breakfast I will get more and more hungry despite eating and then I stuff my face with everything I find in the evening. While I’m not one to “eat like a beggar” in the evening it’s definitely not the best idea to eat large amounts of food (and sweets) before you go to bed. And you know how it is: when you’re really hungry that chocolate bar just looks a lot better than that clementine that has been sitting on the counter for a week now, shrunk to half its size already (does that sound as if I was in that situation plenty of times? How could that be?)

So how can I get myself to eat breakfast every day?

Well, my beloveth meal planning of course! Planning our dinners for the week has become a habit now, and it helped us a great deal to shop more consciously, use up what we have and make sure we eat properly and not just fast junk food (yes, you can cook homemade fast junk food from scratch way too easily… ask the “Mac n cheese with sausages” couple Mr. & Mrs. W.!)

Also: I have no excuse to not eat breakfast “because I don’t know what” now. I can shop for breakfast foods more consciously now too and make sure there’s always something on hand. 

As I only have my four colors of pencils I drew a blue apple. In a country where you can buy apples infused with artificial grape flavoe, blue apples are just a matter of time, right? Haha!

Monday: Smoothie with spinach, pineapple, carrot, dried goldenberries and lion’s mane extract

Tuesday: Banana ice cream “Salted Caramel”
Wednesday: Apple Cinnamon porridge

Thursday: Smoothie with blackberries, blueberries, açai and lion’s mane extract 

Friday: Banana ice cream “Chocolate”

Saturday: Vanilla Coconut porridge 

Sunday: Smoothie with carrots, pineapple, blueberries, goldenberries and lion’s mane extract

The banana ice cream is the all time favorite popular “nice cream” that has become a real hit with healthy eaters. It is basically just frozen bananas blended, and flavored with whatever you like. My go to recipe is salted caramel nice cream for which I’ll share the recipe tomorrow!  🙂

If you have any delicious and quick sweet breakfast recipes, let me know! 

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