Meal plan #6 and last week’s dinners!

I always tell you what delicious concoctions we will eat all week but I never show you, so last week I took a picture of every dinner we had, all according to our meal plan! 


Homemade pasta with tomato cheese sauce and artichokes 

My husband already started eating his artichoke before I could snap the picture! Understandable, they were really good!


Garden chowder and salad from our garden, with cranberries, pecan nuts and sweet onion dressing. My favorite meal of last week!


Slowcooker beef stew with oven roasted fries. May I add that I despise these yellow plates and can’t wait until we get new ones? 😂


Coconut rice and a quick chicken stir fry with rainbow carrots, spring onions, bok choy and Teriyaki sauce. 

Junk Food alert! Mac n cheese bites as requested (and made) by my husband, sweet basil pesto sausages (never again) and corn. 


I baked a delicious rye bread and we made sandwiches. I had jerk chicken, cheese, olives, salad from the garden and artichoke parmesan dressing. The bread is from now on our daily bread, it is easy to make and tastes heavenly! 


Per my husband’s request: Homemade gnocchi with sage butter. I definitely prefer making pasta as it is less of a hassle, but they tasted really good! Definitely better than they look, haha!
So this was our last week, now to this week!

Meal plan #6 – October 31st to November 6th 2016

I wanted to bring one of my beloveth old cook books to good use and cook lots of recipes from it – hence the page and number!

Monday: Chicken paprika and rice. A quick meal because of Halloween – I want to give out lots of candy to the kids today so I don’t eat it all myself!

Tuesday: Glazed meat loaf and Dutch potato salad. Both recipes are from the cookbook, very simple and just a few basic ingredients – that’s how I like to cook!

Wednesday: Meatloaf, BBQ cauliflower and Suddenly Salad. Using up another of our countless pasta salads from a box, eating the rest of the meatloaf, and preparing cauliflower in a way that makes my husband eat and enjoy it, those are the plans for this day! 

Thursday: Garden Chowder, the leftovers from last week that I froze. It was just so delicious and I’m glad we can eat it again (and I onto have to cook that day, doutlet win!)

Friday: Nonesuch potato casserole, orange carrots. I don’t know why it’s called “nonesuch”, it has bacon and cheese in it so I know we will love it!

Saturday: Chicken Tikka Masala. My husband picked both of our weekend dinners, so his favorite Indian dish it is!

Sunday: Cioppino. I didn’t even know we had a jar of that in the fridge. My husband really likes it, and I like that it’s another easy dinner to make! 

Next week I’ll pick another old cookbook!


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