Meal plan #5 – October 24th – 30th 2016

I was slacking on blog posts this week – oops! I will update my online shop tomorrow and was busy crafting my derriere off!

I already made next week’s meal plan, this time embellished with spooky drawings because Halloween!

This week we had one day off from the meal plan – we spontaneously went out for dinner on Thursday because we read about an Oktoberfest menu in a restaurant in our area and of course had to check it out. Major fail, the special was over and they didn’t update their website yet – and I was so looking forward to creamed herring, beef rouladen, Bavarian kraut and plum cake! Anyway, we still ate something there and it was decent. We just had the dinner I had planned for Thursday yesterday and will have yesterday’s dinner today.

Now, enough about last week!

Meal plan #5 – week from October 24th to 30th 2016

I actually planned four vegetarian meals without even realizing it!

Monday: We will have fresh pasta that is leftover from making homemade pasta last week, with four cheese tomato sauce and artichokes. The artichokes are from two weeks ago but they kept perfectly fresh in the fridge! Eating them is a lot of work but they’re tasty and I refuse to throw them away just because they’re not “easy” to eat. I mean, so is a ginormous burger but everyone still loves that, right? 🙂

Tuesday: Soup & salad! I don’t know what soup yet. I might thaw leftover chicken noodle soup or make a garden chowder. Salad will be made with fresh blackberries, nuts and blue cheese dressing.

Wednesday: Beef stew from the slowcooker with potatoes as a side. We still have two portions of smoked brisket in the freezer and one of them I’ll use for this dinner.

Thursday: Coconut rice and chicken. My husband found a delicious spice mix for Singaporean coconut rice and we are totally hooked! The chicken comes from the freezer.

On this day I’ll also cook dog food – they eat dry food most of he time but we treat them with homemade wet food sometimes. It’s especially beneficial for our big dog who is overweight (not that overweight anymore though, our diet and exercise program worked great!). I’ll cook rice and chicken with vegetables like celery for them. They absolutely love it and I know it’s all healthy and good for them!

Friday: Mac’n’Cheese with sausages and vegetables. It’s really one of our favorite meals, haha!

Saturday: Salad & Sandwich, another classic combination! We have lots of salad ready to harvest in the garden that we will use and we’ll add all our favorite fixings: dried cranberries, pecan nuts, blue cheese dressing!

Sunday: Gnocchi, which my husband requested, with sage butter. I’ll also make a tomato salad as a side to add some freshness and vegetables!

Looks like a pretty healthy week!

You can get the printable template (without the horrible doodling, haha!) for making your own meal plan here.

My Song of the Day is a happy tune from one of my favorite movies… Grease! Grease – We go together Now if you don’t smile when listening to that song!

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