Meal plan #3 – October 10th – 16th 2016

Our pantry, freezer and fridge are well stocked, so this week’s meal plan again uses up what we have. The only thing we still have to buy are sausages, the rest is all from the fridge/freezer/pantry.  

After our second week of planning I am amazed again at how much money we save while still eating really good, how much time and nerves we save while still cooking everything from scratch, and how rewarding it is to know we feed our bodies healthy wholesome foods! 

Meal plan #3 for the week from October 10th to October 16th 2016

Chicken, cabbage and potatoes are the main staples for this week. Sprouts had a deal on boneless skinless chicken thighs, one pack has 8 thighs (for about $5!) which means we can make 3 meals with it. Potatoes have been $3 for 10 lbs and the cabbage is from last week. Cabbage is a vegetable I absolutely love, and one head lasts forever! Last week we made coleslaw with about 1/8 of it, which means we have plenty left for two more hearty dishes.

Monday: Stuffed chicken thighs, kamut and broccoli. I don’t know yet with what I’ll stuff the thighs, maybe parmesan and arugula from the garden! Kamut is an ancient grain that’s waiting in the pantry. Together with some herbs and spices it will make a delicious side dish! Our vegetable will be steamed broccoli which was also on sale.

Tuesday: Suddenly Salad, mixed vegetables, sausages. I accidentally wrote “Simple Salad” on the meal plan but I’m talking about a pasta salad box that comes with everything you need, you just cook the pasta, add some olive oil to the dressing mix, and that’s it. I rather make pasta salad from scratch, but we have several boxes of Suddenly Salad in the pantry – from my husband’s bachelor time before I moved in – and I rather eat them then throwing them away – after all, they’re pretty tasty! The mixed veggies are frozen (also, you guessed it, from this week’s sale at Sprouts), and the sausages we’ll get fresh.

Wednesday: Cabbage stir fry with potatoes. This is a very quick and easy dish, but so hearty! It’s basically just cut up cabbage and cubed potatoes sautéed until soft, then cream cheese, herbs and spices are added, and that’s it. During my time in nurse school this was on the menu at least two times a week because it was cheap, quick, and very satisfying. 

Thursday: Chicken noodle soup with corn bread muffins. I’ll use chicken thighs for the broth as the dark meat and fat will flavor it nicely (some bones would be even better, but bacon fat does the trick!), and I’ll use Asian egg noodles from the pantry. The corn bread muffins are baked from a box – again, I’d rather make them from scratch but they’re there, so we will eat them. I think I had them before and they tasted decent!

Friday: Tuna steaks, rice noodle salad. I didn’t even realize that we’ll follow the “fish on friday” tradition next week, but I decided from now it will become a tradition in this house too! The tuna steaks are from the freezer, the rice noodle salad will be a mix of whatever we have laying around (maybe a few leaves of cabbage, chives, celery, sesame seeds, hot sauce…).

Saturday: Cabbage and potato soup with bacon. This should finally rid us of the last bit of the cabbage head, haha! A traditional German soup, very hearty but not too heavy. I’ll sprinkle some crispy bacon on top and make dinner rolls to go with it.

Sunday: Chicken curry with rice. To eat the last two chicken thighs we’ll make a quick chicken curry and use up some curry paste that we have in the pantry. As a side we’ll have rice, maybe spiced up with a little ginger and lime.

So, another very frugal but still delicious week full of hearty healthy meals! 

Here you can print out the meal plan template to start planning yourself- believe me, it makes such a difference!

A little tip: If you want to learn some basic frugal recipes, look for cookbooks from the 30s-40s. This cookbook is from 1937 and has recipes which require only a few basic ingredients. Yesterday I made dinner rolls with a recipe from it and they turned out absolutely wonderful!

Today my Song of the Day is from a Swedish band I love since I was 13. I saw them at a festival a few years ago and when they played this song I might have had a tiny tear in my eye – and it’s not even a ballad, haha! Tiamat – Vote for Love

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