Brown sugar plum compote – Canning recipe

A few weeks ago I found marvellous looking plums at Sprouts, Empress plums to be more specific. In German we call them “Zwetschge” (funny word, right?), and the Zwetschge season is a feast every year, we even have fairs just about the Zwetschge! The most popular dish is Zwetschgenkuchen, a flat yeast dough sheet cake topped with juicy plum quarters spiced with just a bit of cinnamon. Ridiculously delicious! 

However, when I found the plums for sale I opted for something else instead. Who knows when I would get them again? So better preserve them for future use, whenever the cravings hit! 

Plum compote is a staple in many German recipes, mainly in the sweet main dishes we have, like curd cheese dumplings covered in sweet butter fried breadcrumbs, accompanied by tangy plum compote (yum!) or sweet yeast dumplings sprinkled with sugary poppy seeds, swimming in plum compote (yum yum YUM!). I’m getting hungry, haha!

I wanted to make it less traditional and less sour as my husband is not too fond of the German style tangy compotes. Brown sugar seemed like the perfect sweetener with its caramel flavor, and with a few spices the compote really turned out to be a possible future family heirloom recipe. Yes, it is that good! 

Brown sugar plum compote 

  • 4 lbs plums (preferably Damson or Empress)
  • 1.5 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/8 tsp each ground gloves and nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp each ground cinnamon and almond extract 

Makes 3 x 1 pint jars

Quarter plums, remove pit.

Cook together with sugar, water and spices for 30-40 minutes on medium heat, until juice turns into syrup.

Fill in sterilized jars, close with sterilized lids. Process in pressure canner for 10 minutes with 5lb pressure (adjust pressure depending on your altitude).

Enjoy as is, serve with whipped cream, or use it to top everything from ice cream to pancakes to pudding. 

The sweet caramel flavor of the brown sugar perfectly compliments the fruity and tangy plums, and the spices give it a lot of depth and that cozy “fall/winter” note that warms us from within. A really delicious treat!

Today while cleaning I rocked to a song of my favorite singer of all times… the Song of the DayNeil Young – Rockin’ in the free world

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