Frozen Green Smoothie Packs  –  take some hassle out of busy mornings! 

I love smoothies. It is the best way for us to get some vital nutrients in – we are not quite the “make a fruit platter and dig right in” type of people! But smoothies? Refreshing and delicious, packed with nutrients – yes please!

To make smoothie preparation a bit easier I made some nice packs full of fruit and vegetables to freeze – all we have to do now in the morning is take one pack out, throw it into the blender with some water or juice and blend! One minute of work, two big jars of smoothie! 

You can use every fruit and vegetable you want. The best is to look for what’s in season, as this produce will be the best quality and cheapest price! 

We got peaches and apples on sale today, so I used these, along with broccoli, Asian pears, kale, “Moondrop” grapes, and some frozen mango and cherries (which were also on sale). 
Smoothies are a great way to use up some fruit and vegetables that are leftover from cooking, from buying a big pack or in bulk, or to smuggle in something that you might not enjoy raw or cooked, but want the nutritional benefits of (the sweet fruits hide the flavor perfectly! Just doesn’t work with celery, that stuff overpowers everything, haha!).

Just make sure that the produce is ripe and in good condition to guarantee a tasty, high quality smoothie – nothing hard and half ripe, mushy and overripe or even expired. Slightly wilted greens or grapes that got a tad dry (like the ones in the picture) are fine to use! 

Now the fun begins!

Chop up everything into small pieces. Don’t worry about cutting it into consistently perfect shapes, it ends up blended anyway! 

By the way: I cut up the broccoli stalks too, they’re nutritious and blend very well – great way to avoid wasting good food!

Now you can get creative!

Grab a small handful of each fruit and vegetable and toss it into a zip lock or sandwich bag! The possibilities are endless – I combined every fruit and vegetable I had for some packs (which won’t make the prettiest smoothie, but delicious nonetheless!), others only have greens and yellow fruit to make sure the smoothie will be green, some have red and yellow fruit and no greens for a red smoothie.  

If somebody in your family doesn’t like one thing, just leave it out of some packs! If someone likes one thing a lot put a bit more in!

There really are no limits!

Now all you do is freeze them, and that’s it.

Whenever it’s time to drink a healthy smoothie, blend one pack with some water and/or juice, pour into two jars, and enjoy! Of course you can also add superfood like wheatgrass, açai, bee pollen….. again, there are no limits in the World of Smoothies!  🙂

I used two peaches, one small broccoli, about 3/4 lb of grapes, one ginormous apple, one big Asian pear, a bundle of kale and the two small packs of frozen mango and cherries and got 8 smoothie packs out of it, which makes 16 smoothies.

Let’s do some math:

  • 1 lb peaches: $0.98
  • 0.8 lb apples: $0.78
  • 1 bundle kale: $1.49 
  • 0.8 lb broccoli: $0.85
  • 2 packs frozen fruit: $4.00
  • 0.75 lb grapes: $2.00

So we got 16 smoothies for $10.01, that makes $0.63 per smoothie. Now if you buy frozen fruit at Walmart, Winco or Costco (we got ours at Sprouts) you can save big there and make the smoothies even cheaper! 

Now think about that: a smoothie you get in a bottle from the store costs $3 the least, will be less fresh and have less nutrients. A smoothie from a place like Jamba Juice can cost you up to $7 – that is over 10 times more than our homemade delicious and healthy treat! 

So you don’t only get a lot of your day’s worth of nutrients in with one smoothie, you also save a lot of money!

That definitely makes my heart sing just as much as the Song of the DayJerry Lee Lewis – Great balls of Fire

What is your favorite smoothie?

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