3-ingredient healthy dog ice cream – the pups go crazy for these pupsicles!

Being a Siberian dog in Arizona is hard. Shiloh, our German Shepherd/Husky mix, can tell you! His thick fur is definitely not the appropriate attire for the hot Arizona weather so temperatures above 90°F make him sluggish and bleh.

But! Ice cream to the rescue! I wanted to give him and Oates some refreshment beyond the “ice cubes in the water bowl” trick, something that also fits Shiloh’s diet and is a fun thing that keeps them busy. Too much to ask? As if! May I introduce:

With three natural and healthy ingredients and 5 minutes time you can make your pup a delicious treat for those hot summer days or to cool down after some exercise.

3-ingredient healthy dog ice cream

  • 4 bananas
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (no added salt, sugar or oil)
  • 1 1/2 cups Greek yogurt

If you wondered about the apple on the picture… I wanted to chop it up and add it to give then something to chew but… I forgot…. but feel free to add some chunks to your ice cream! 

Making the ice cream is really simple:

Put peeled bananas, peanut butter and yogurt into a blender or food processor.

Blend it up until it is creamy and the peanut butter is well incorporated.

This will be enough for 12 muffin molds. I use silicone muffin molds because they’re reusable and the dogs can’t just rip them to pieces. We still watch them, in case they try… 

Pour the mixture into the molds.

Now they’re ready to freeze! I put mine onto a baking tray for freezing.

They’re done rather quick, our dogs could enjoy their first one after about 2 hours!

There was some leftover after I filled the molds so they got a little appetizer before the actual ice cream. 

Oates is always sceptical about whatever you put in front of her, while Shiloh just digs in. Reminds me of that one time where he was begging for some cheese during dinner and we thought “you really want some? We’ll give you, buddy!” and gave him a tiny piece of the most ferocious tasting cheese. He really forced it down, looking like “oh my God is that awful but if they eat it it must be good but oh my God is that awful!” He didn’t beg anymore that day! 

Once the ice cream is frozen we just give each of them their own and they are busy for a good 10 minutes licking out the delicious creamy treat. 

If they could they’d probably do a happy dance afterwards to the Song of the DayThe Outfield – Your Love. It’s just one of the best songs of all time!

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